The Cloud People

The Cloud People Logo.

The market is experiencing a fast growth in cloud solution, especially among the global top 10 vendors. The need for cloud capabilities and resources increases accordingly and this is the idea behind The Cloud People. Our people are committed to deliver cloud services to both customers and partners at competitive and predictable prices.

Our people have years of experience working on different cloud solutions. We have created a proposition based on 3 conditions which will give you a predictable, reasonable and simplified price. We believe this is the working conditions of tomorrow.

The Cloud People offers capabilities on the fastest growing Cloud Solutions globally. Our people represent a range of skilled consultants from young, up-and-coming talents, to the some of the most experienced architects and advisors in the market. Based on experience and capabilities, you choose the level of resource you need, with full transparency of competence and price. We guarantee the very best quality of our people, making sure to continuously developing and invest in skills and capabilities in a fast evolving market.

The operational management of The Cloud People works directly with the customers as advisors and architects, and are able to provide the best teams of resources to get the job done with a high quality to a reasonable price. We combine low-cost resources with on-site advisors and take full responsibility of the project from start to end. Always with predictability, simplicity and quality on top of mind.

Our mission is to meet the market needs for our customers based on the working conditions of tomorrow.

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